Seaport Transfers

Arriving in a new country, setting off on a business trip, or even just coming home from holiday, can be a stressful business, but Chauffeur One's impressive and well-appointed fleet is at hand to take away this stress, and to make your arrival in or departure from the UK as easy and as trouble-free as possible.

With our prestige vehicles serving London from seaports all over the country, Chauffeur One's executive car service is all you need to ensure a smooth transfer between the port and your home or hotel. Our knowledgeable and experienced drivers will help you take care of your luggage, and deliver you to your destination on time, and with the minimum of hassle. Many of them are also fluent in Russian - just the thing if you or your clients are more comfortable in this language - and all of them are polite, friendly and impeccably presented in uniform.

Chauffeur One's flexible and bespoke service is designed to suit the needs of all of our clients - no matter whether you are a busy executive looking to welcome important clients to the country, an anxious parent waving your child off on the adventure of a lifetime, or simply a holidaymaker looking to start your trip in style, we will collect you and your luggage promptly and punctually, convey you swiftly to your destination, and do everything we can to ensure that the next part of your journey proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Cruise Monitoring

Please provide us with your cruise information so we can monitor your cruise and automatically adjust the pick-up time based on when your cruise arrives, helping you to avoid wait time charges

Meet and Greet Service

Please apply an additional £7.50 fee for our meet and greet service (includes a standard 30 minute waiting period).
Your driver will meet you in the arrivals hall with a name-board.

Free 30 Minute Waiting

The first 30 minutes of waiting time is free. Additional waiting time over 30 minutes will be charged at the "London Hourly Rate" for each vehicle group plus the applicable VAT (please see our tariffs) in 15 minute increments. This does not apply to delays.

Pick me up “When My Cruise Arrives”

We will monitor your cruise and automatically adjust the pick-up time so it reflects the time that your cruise arrives. From the time your cruise arrives you will have a 30 minutes free waiting time to meet your driver before waiting time charges occur.

Pick me up “30, 45 or 60 Minutes after My Cruise Arrives”

We will monitor your cruise and automatically adjust your pick up time to your chosen period after the cruise arrives. After the adjusted time, your free waiting time will begin (30 minutes). Since the pick up time has been moved, your driver may not be on location when the cruise arrives. Waiting time charges will occur if you exceed the free waiting time period.

Text on the Name Board

Please choose the name or message that will be written on the name board that the driver will hold at the seaport.

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