19 February 2017


Perhaps one of the most popular cars in our fleet, the BMW 7 Series is a powerful machine, carefully refined and shaped over years of re-working.

The car features air-sprung rear suspension, for a smooth ride, as well as a quiet one. Space is abundant, with the potential to fit a considerable amount of luggage in both the rear of the car as well as the boot. However, don’t be fooled by the sleek design and seemingly quiet ride.

The 3.0 litre engine packs quite a punch, making punctuality that much more attainable. However, despite this, it is one of the most economically efficient engines in any luxury car. In addition to this, the engine is extremely quiet, making for a ride as comfortable as it is quick.

With simple, well thought-out designs, the BMW 7 Series is an excellent chauffeur-driven car. Boasting additions such as climate-control, Bluetooth connectivity as well as electronic seat controls, this luxury car is a stylish and reliable option for anyone looking to hire a luxury chauffeur-driven car.