9 September 2014


The Jaguar XJ is one of the jewels of the Chauffeur One fleet – a car that our chauffeurs look forward to driving as much as our customers look forward to sitting in.

The first Jaguar XJ was launched in 1968 and since then the name has been used for a series of luxury saloon cars that have exhibited the best of British design and luxury. The current Jaguar XJ was brought to market two years ago and continues to blaze this fine trail. In fact, David Cameron chose a dark grey Jaguar as the official state car of Great Britain when he came to office.

The Jaguar XJ’s chassis is made up of aluminium, at least half of which is recycled. This metal is so lightweight that this car is the lightest of the full-size luxury sedans. The equipment inside is impressed too: music comes to you via a 1200-watt Dolby surround sound system (although our chauffeurs will only play you music should you wish to listen to it).

Leather seating and superb air conditioning make for a supremely comfortable journey that you will absolutely enjoy. The Jaguar XJ has room for up to three passengers, giving a special and exclusive feel to any journey taken in it.