14 January 2015


Over the last few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of Russian families living in and visiting London. Moving to a foreign country certainly has its challenges, one of the biggest being to learn the local geography and discover the best ways of getting around; a challenge for anyone in a city as big as London.

These difficulties are amplified when the country to which you move does not speak your native language.

Chauffeur One is very aware of these difficulties and to make life easier, can offer a Russian speaking driver for your family in London. Our drivers are smart, highly trained professional chauffeurs who are dedicated to offering a first class service and speak fluent Russian. There is a great advantage for Russian families in having a driver who speaks their native language and can understand their exact needs and requirements.

Chauffeur One can arrange for a Russian speaking driver for families in London on whatever basis required by our clients. Whether it is a particular single job, such as visiting potential schools for the children, a short term assignment or a permanent position Chauffeur One can assist.

We are dedicated to serving the Russian community in London with a first class service and would be happy to arrange a Russian speaking driver for your family.