28 April 2011


As upcoming Royal nuptials slowly take over the nation, with millions preparing for street parties, and the city of London becomes a buzzing hive of activity, from both foreign tourists and locals alike, Chauffeur One offers bespoke tours in and around the city of London for this special day and the long weekend that follows.

As the date approaches, preparations are being finalised, and for many the excitement is steadily growing. Plans for the day include street parties, scenes of widespread jubilation and more importantly, feelings of affection towards our country.

Our drivers at Chauffeur One can offer luxury vehicles, each with an array of modern comforts and accessories, in order to enhance passengers’ enjoyment of the ride as well as Friday’s special events. A regal touch is present in both the vehicles as well as the service, whether it be journeying through London on the day itself, or visiting certain locations outside London.

Thousands of people have been taking advantage over the extended break this Easter, with the Royal wedding as a peak of sorts. Beautiful weather, days off work and a Royal wedding make this the perfect opportunity for a chauffeur-driven ride, even if it is just to arrive at the airport comfortably before jetting off somewhere even hotter!