4 May 2011


According to travel company TripAdvisor, tourists rate London among the top 10 places to visit in the world. Falling just behind Paris and Rome in the top 10 European destinations, London came first, ahead of Edinburgh, in the top 10 UK destinations.

Floods of Britons and tourists alike swarmed the city during the Royal wedding weekend, during which vast numbers of tourists came to London, to revel in the atmosphere and enjoy the city itself. Many more are to be expected, no doubt, as preparations are made for the London Olympics in 2012. In fact, many tourists have come to London due to the extensive work being done throughout the city preceding the games.

London’s recent time in the limelight is good for the whole nation, as TripAdvisor spokeswoman Emma Boyle said: “Tourism is vital to the UK economy so it’s encouraging to see London and Edinburgh both highly recognised as Europe’s best.”

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