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Chauffeur driven car and tour of Eton College

If you want to have a closer look at one of the historical jewels of the British education establishment our private sightseeing tour of Eton College can introduce you to what is probably the world’s most famous school. Whether your trip is out of curiosity or because you have an appointment at the school, our chaueffer driven cars provide the best way to travel to Eton in executive style and comfort.

Eton College was founded in 1440 and according to historian Arthur Nevill, ‘no other school can claim to have sent forth such a cohort of distinguished figures to make their mark on the world.’ Eton was where the royal princes, William and Harry, were educated, as well as David Cameron, the British Prime Minister and a host of other famous historical and current world leaders.

The school is located in the charming village of Eton set in the stunning countryside of Berkshire which is a short journey from London. The historical school buildings are scattered around the village so visitors can watch the comings and goings of pupils in their distinctive black tail coats and pin striped trousers.

If you have an appointment at the school, Chauffeur One can ensure that you arrive on time and in luxury comfort in one of our executive cars without worrying about making train connections from London or fussing with local taxis.

Alternatively, if you would like to visit out of curiosity, one of our private Blue Badge guides can introduce you to the amazing history of this famous old school and give you your own tour of nearby Royal Windsor as well.