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Chauffeur Tours: Stonehenge

As summer slowly creeps closer, many of us begin to think about places to go as well as things to see and do. The ancient structure that is Stonehenge, believed to date from around 3100BC is a marvel of ancient engineering and mysticism.

Much speculation surrounds the structure, with people concocting a huge number of different ideas, whether they be human sacrifice, seasonal celebrations (ie. The Summer Solstice) and even human sacrifice. Whatever its original purpose actually was is almost unimportant, in fact, discovering its original purpose would detract from its romanticism.

A fascinating piece of history, which is easily accessible, Stonehenge evokes natural feelings of curiosity. Such a huge amount of information about the site is as interesting as it is readily available, adding to its interest.

One universally accepted theory surrounds Stonehenge’s creation. It is believed to have been constructed in three phases, which supposedly amounted to a staggering thirty million hours of labour, enough to work up anyone’s appetite!

After visiting the site, it is worth a trip to the nearby town of Amesbury, with its charming cafés and coffee shops to relax in after trekking around all day. The view as you come over the brow of a hill, seeing Stonehenge for the first time, with sunlight pouring out from behind it, is spectacular and makes it easy to see why this part of the country will be forever associated with mysticism and ancient British history.