9 September 2014


At Chauffeur One we pride ourselves on offering vehicles that offer the very best in comfort and luxury. The BMW 7 Series is the perfect example of this.

Since it was introduced in 1977, the BMW 7 Series has become so popular and well-respected that is its now BMW’s flagship car. Indeed, What Car? Magazine awarded it four out of five stars.

It is perhaps misleading to describe the model as just one car; the BMW 7 Series is in fact a line of full-size luxury vehicles. There are slight differences between each car in the series and these change from year to year. Currently available are the BMW 7 Series, the BMW 7 Series SE and the BMW 7 Series M Sport.

Whilst the three cars all have their own unique specifications, they are all joined together by a similar style and all offer a wonderful experience on the road for passengers and drivers alike. Such is the importance of the BMW 7 Series that the car manufacturer uses it to introduce new technologies and designs before they are used on other cars in the BMW stable.

All BMW 7 Series cars are comfortable and refined – as you would expect from any car in the Chauffeur One stable. They have very high safety specifications, excellent air conditioning and a sumptuous leather interior. With space for up to four passengers, these cars are excellent for special nights out and travel to meetings and airports.