7 May 2017


With over 60 years of comfort, elegance, safety and power behind it, the E-Class is one of our most popular executive cars. With an incredibly spacious boot, able to hold four golf bags, the E-Class does nothing but deliver when it comes to space and comfort.

Featuring a slightly different design to previous models, the E-Class exudes speed, safety and comfort. With sweeping lines, distinctive headlights and a moderately larger body than its predecessors, it commands respect on the road and is truly a thing of beauty. All materials used in the production of this executive car are of the highest quality, ensuring ultimate comfort and aesthetic charm.

Wider wheel-bases mean the E-Class offers a much smoother ride, along with additional room inside the car, for driver and passenger alike. Comfort is top priority, and along with increased headroom, legroom and shoulder room, the two front seats have a massage function, perfect for long trips, or to de-stress after an airport pick-up.

The E-Class’ suspension really is something special, an innovative air-powered mechanism means that the car and those inside it will remain at one constant level, despite uneven or varying road surfaces. Automatic Climate Control takes care of this executive car’s temperature, and is completely customisable depending on your needs.

Safety concerns are paramount in the E-Class, with a multitude of different preventative gadgets and aids to ensure your ride in this executive car is a safe one. Active Blind Spot Assist warns if another vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot, as well as other systems, such as sensors ensuring a safe amount of distance between vehicles, and greatly reducing the risk of rear-end collisions.

The E-Class is the first word in comfort, speed and contemporary design. With the aforementioned measures and gadgets in place, your long hauls, airport pick-ups or business trips will be stress-free, enabling you to make the most of the occasion.