14 July 2012


What should you should look for in a high quality chauffeur?

First of all, considerable local knowledge is an essential aspect of a chauffeur’s services. Without extensive knowledge of the area a chauffeur cannot be expected to deliver the best experience to the customer, as they would be unable to suggest alternative locations or venues after last-minute alterations.

Customer service is the chauffeur’s most important aspect, because poor customer service not only reflects badly on the driver, but also the chauffeur company as a whole. A courteous and professional chauffeur will always retain extremely high levels of customer service. Formal elements such as exiting the car first and only entering once all passengers are comfortably seated should be second nature to a good chauffeur. Excellent customer service is seen in chauffeurs who are able to ‘read’ their passengers, thereby making their journey more comfortable purely through sense.

Experience is very much at the forefront of any excellent chauffeur service. A good deal of experience will lessen the chance of accident or error and enable the driver to react quickly and professionally in the event of an incident. Experience will also add to the overall quality of the trip, contributing to driving skill, geographical expertise and safety.

A suitable vehicle is not something which would be taken into consideration, however, depending on the chauffeur’s driving style, level of experience and ability, different vehicles are suited for different drivers. For example, a good chauffeur would not squeeze a business party into a saloon car, he would choose something such as the Mercedes Viano, which has an area for brainstorming, should work need to be done on the way.