11 August 2013


With the football Premier League starting again this week, and much cricket, rugby and golf filling the sporting fixtures list over the coming months, many will be thinking about how they can entertain clients at these events.

An important part of client hospitality is how to get your client to and from the venue with the minimum amount of stress, and the maximum amount of style to create the best impression.

Taxi companies are great but can be unreliable. If you’ve arranged the transport for your client, and it is late, it reflects badly on your business, particularly when you have timed tickets to a cricket match or race meeting.

Hiring a chauffeur service that is experienced at providing transport to large events really helps, as they’ll know how to avoid the traffic and deliver (and pick up) your client closest to the venue, with as little hassle as possible.

This also goes for the attitude of the driver. Such events can present their own issues such as restricted access and limited parking, and a driver who is calm and flexible, and fully contactable, is more important than ever. Impressions count. If the driver is courteous and well presented, that will only reflect well on you.

For client hospitality, a chauffeur service is a great way to start off an evening or an event, and making sure your client gets to the location quickly, and in one piece, will put them in a good mood. That’s got to be good for your business.