26 January 2016


A visit to Camden Market brings you to the heart of one of London’s unique shopping experiences, so why not arrive in a unique way by letting Chauffeur One take you there? At Chauffeur One, we offer chauffeur services in Central London and beyond, with drivers who are both fully trained and knowledgeable about local areas. With a range of executive vehicles to meet your needs we can get you to your destination in good time and in style and comfort. A visit to Camden Market is the perfect opportunity to hire a luxury car and driver to make your day out even more enjoyable.

Camden Markets is the name used to refer to a number of adjoining retail markets based in Camden Town located close to Regent’s Canal. The many stalls hosted by the markets sell items such as clothing, crafts, food and bric-a-brac, making for diverse and colourful shopping – and indeed, dining – experience. The popularity of Camden Market as a visitor destination in London is reflected in the numbers of people drawn to it, with approximately 100,000 coming each weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are the peak trading days for Camden Market, but some of the stalls are open on weekdays too.

Camden has strong public transport connections to the rest of London, and beyond, but using public transport might not suit you or your group. Any visit to Camden Market will mean being tempted to buy some of the many items on display. Having a chauffeur and car means your driver can look after any purchases you make while you continue to shop or explore what else Camden has to offer.

Other sights worth seeing in the Camden area include Regent’s Canal, where canal-boat and waterbus trips are available. You could even have your driver meet you at the other end. For those interested in culture and history, there is the Jewish Museum, which explores Jewish life through the centuries in the UK. The history of Regent’s Canal itself, the first section of which opened in 1816, is evident in the many deep marks worn into the handrails by towropes attached to horses. The horses were used to pull canal barges, a practice that continued into the 1950s. You may also see ramps built into the canal banks that were designed for the assistance of any horse that fell into the canal.

As mentioned, many of the stalls sell food and there are plenty of restaurants nearby. Alternatively, you can take a picnic, which your driver will be more than happy to store for you until you are ready to eat.

Our aim at Chauffeur One is to make the client experience as enjoyable as possible. With that in mind, we can provide a Russian-speaking driver London service for those Russian-speaking clients who find it easier to converse in their own language. We are also a company that prides itself on its style and having a driver dressed in a smart uniform arrive to collect you certainly enhances that.

For a quote on London executive chauffeurs and to discuss your needs for a car and driver, please contact Chauffeur One.