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What makes a good chauffeur?

We pride ourselves on being the home of club class road travel. A large part of that is our chauffeur service and indeed the quality of the chauffeurs we employ. Our chauffer’s are our representatives; the personal face of our company. They’ll make you feel like a Hollywood film star or the President of the USA with their excellent customer service and attention to detail.

Here are some of our essential qualities and skills that we demand in our loyal team of chauffeurs.

Excellent presentation

Each of our chauffeurs wears the standard Chauffeur One uniform, complete with a cap as you would expect. Our uniform is very smart and accordingly we expect our chauffeurs to wear it in an impeccable standard: clean, polished and ready for action.

Old-fashioned manners

Many people complain that regular taxi drivers lack basic manners. Our chauffeurs are bringing back the concept of old-fashioned manners. Your comfort and convenience are their focus, and their courteous manners reflect this.


Our chauffeurs are as reliable as clockwork. They will arrive at a venue in plenty of time to pick you up, ensuring that you won’t be left waiting around in an airport, or late for that important meeting.

Planning and preparation

Chauffeur One chauffeurs plan their journeys in advance. They know where they are going and how to get there. They would never dream of getting lost or – horror of horrors – asking one of our valued passengers for directions.